Cycling Ubud Bali : The Best Way to Explore Ubud

Ubud is one of the most popular wonderful places in Bali that people admire. It offers incredible views and unique community. It teaches people to go back to nature and such a simple harmony in life. Ubud is known as the heart of Bali which is rich in wisdom, culture and unique way of life.

Cycling Ubud Bali has been common for both local and international travelers. There are many kinds of different incredible spots to visit such as coffee plantation where you can know and learn how to process of Balinese coffee.

Cycling Ubud Bali: Best Spots to Go

Ubud is situated at the valley, making it perfect for adventuring amazingly on Ubud downhill. There are some best spots to come over if you go exploring Ubud.

The first destination you shouldn’t miss is Tegalalang rice fields. These rice fields were built looking like forming terraces called “Subak”. Other similar rice fields to visit are located in Campuhan and Pejeng. Well, cycling along the rice fields will allow you to come over cafes. You can take a rest and have some drinks there while you can also enjoy the panoramic views.

The second-best spot to visit in Ubud while cycling is Tirta Empul Temple. Tirta Empul Temple is known to have healing powers. Tirta Empul is one of the oldest and largest temple complexes in Bali. Located in Manykaya village, it serves historical knowledge including myths and legends. Tirta Empul temple is also listed as a national heritage. The water flows from Pakerasan River to the temple passing about a kilometer down the hill. Tirta Empul Temple offers the best historical views that you might not find in other parts of the country.

Gunung Kawi Temple is an ancient temple that you can also visit while you are cycling and exploring Ubud. Just ride down from Tirta Empul and you will find this temple easily. There is usually ceremonial anniversary held in this temple, allowing you to witness the pilgrims during the event called “Piodalan”.

Ubud is rich of historical sites. One of which is Goa Gajah Temple. According to the history, Goa Gajah was built on the 11th century as a sanctuary and meditation place. As the name suggest, Goa Gajag is represented by a big statue of Ganesh’s head, the Hindu God, in the cave. While learning the history, you can also see a riyal bathing pool guarded by 7 statues, describing the seven sacred rivers of India, this way, you can walk down the stairs to reach the temple courtyard.

Cycling On and Off the Road

Cycling Ubud Bali leads you to explore the nature by cycling on and off the roads in Ubud. Join a package tour and you will challenge your riding-bicycle skills. You can choose easy tracks or the ones that are more challenging.

Now that you know everything to explore in Ubud, don’t hesitate to join Ubud Tour. You will never feel disappointed to cycle along Ubud since you can learn a wide variety of life lessons, from a simplicity and harmony to a unique way of living.

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